4 Technology Apps That Can Help Immigrants

4 Mobile Apps That Can Help Immigrants


4 Mobile Apps That Can Help Immigrants

For new immigrants to the U.S., there can be various obstacles and barriers that make it difficult to adjust to a new country. However, the advancement of mobile apps are making it easier and easier for immigrants to integrate into their new home. Here are three apps that could be helpful making the transition to a new country easier.

CitizenshipWorks (iPhone): This app that can help immigrants apply for citizenship status. It includes a steps-to-naturalization checklist, a savings calculator to pay for legal fees, study guides for exams and even a calculator that can tell you if you are eligible for naturalization. The app also has a tool for immigrants to search a map for legal offices that serve immigrants and citizenship cases, based on their location.

U.S. Citizenship App (iPhone): Are you studying for the U.S. citizenship exam? This app can help test your memory in preparation for the exam, using multiple questions, study flash cards, guides and more. It’s an easy and cheap way to study for and pass this lengthy and difficult exam.

SayHi Translate (Android/iPhone): The SayHi Translate app (not to be confused with the dating SayHi app!) is a translator tool that converts and translates your speech into a target language, while also translating another speaker’s language to yours. The app works with over 40 languages. So, from Spanish to Arabic, Swedish to Greek, any immigrant having trouble understanding American English can be helped. The app is a great lifesaver for when you’re stuck in a difficult conversation where both individuals are having a hard time understanding one another.

QuickCall.com App (iPhone): Staying connected to one’s home country is important, and it’s much easier to connect with our pre-paid app.  You can recharge your account from directly within the app, all your calls are PINless and the interface is very easy-to-use. Not to mention, you can save your international numbers so you can dial them easily from your “Contacts List.”

Overall, when used together or separately, these four apps can help immigrants face various issues related to moving abroad with more ease. For more ways technology can help you or an immigrant in need, subscribe to our Sync’d blog here.


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