Adapting to New Technology in the U.S.

Adapting to New Technology in the U.S.


Adapting to New Technology in the U.S.

Adjusting to a different location, language, customs and other factors when moving to the United States can be challenging for anyone. Adapting to new technology at the same time might seem daunting, but it can actually make your life easier overall. Coming from Peru, a country where the latest technology advances arrives slowly and fast internet speeds come at a high cost, I was happy to discover myself relying on technology more than ever when I arrived here.

Here in the US, the cheapest monthly plan for home internet service is about the cost of a meal, unlike back home where it costs more than a pair of expensive jeans. It’s no wonder the U.S. offers several online solutions to its population. Many government-related processes in the U.S. can be done online instead of requiring people to visit local government offices and wait in long lines. For example, I recently filed my taxes online and only had to make a stop at the post office to send some documents. I was even able to check the status of my refund online.

Back home in Peru, anything that is government-related requires taking a day off work, waiting for hours and sometimes even having to return a second time if you forgot any documents. Not all things in the U.S. can be done online of course, but I found being able to file your taxes online to particularly helpful.

When it comes to daily life, some U.S. banks let you pay your bills online and it’s very easy to set up. You can also transfer money to someone’s account online.  My bank offers this service even if the payee doesn’t have an account with them. The bank allows you to do this for “free” – a term not frequently associated with banks in Peru.  Also, I can pay for vendors online and even sell things online through PayPal and eBay, then withdraw PayPal funds through my bank account – all for free. Back home I would have to pay hefty fees to move my money around in this manner.

Lastly, sending money overseas through a money transfer service used to be a long task. Here in the U.S. I no longer have to visit a physical store, bring a stack of cash, fill out forms, and wait in line.  Instead, I can do all of this online with my computer, tablet, or cell phone, and pay with my debit or credit card.

The variety of mobile apps available here is also unbelievable, and is one of my favorite things about living here.  From ordering and paying for your food online, to finding weekly ads, to finding mobile coupons for your favorite stores, technology here caters to the mobile user.

So far, I have no complaints. Living in the U.S. has opened a door to many new types of technology that help make things easier in my daily life.  There are plenty of gadgets to choose from for all types of budgets and I’ve found them to be much cheaper compared to the prices back in my home country.  Now I just need a phone with more memory!

Gisell Bejarano

I was born in Peru, but I grew up in both Peru and the US. For the past 4 years, I have been working in the online marketing and social media field for US-based companies while living in Peru. I am passionate about visual and ancient art, and traveling to archaeological sites.

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