Apple’s iWatch: What is everyone talking about?

Apple’s iWatch: What is everyone talking about?


Apple’s iWatch: What is everyone talking about?

Since the iPhone 6 launched September 9 of last year, Apple fans have been impatiently waiting for the latest Apple device. This will be the first wearable item in Apple’s portfolio – the Apple Watch – and will be released in April 2015.

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What can it do?

Just like a normal watch, the iWatch will tell you what time it is, but that’s only the beginning. The device will be equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and will be able to pair with an iPhone, so it can send SMS messages, email notifications and receive phone calls. It’s assumed the iWatch will also offer wireless charging. Like most smartphones it will have NFC or short-range wireless communication and sharing. This feature gives you a number of options for connecting with people and places nearby, including using Apples new mobile payment service. This convenient feature will allow you to pay credit card bills without taking out your wallet. Another interesting feature will be its health tracking option.

It is not yet known what this feature will be able to track. Potentially, it may be able to record your heart-rate, calories burned, steps taken, air pressure, altitude, temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, weather, ultraviolet light exposure and sleep duration. Apple also hopes the iWatch will be able to provide some basic medical diagnostic functions.

How to you use it?

Two screen sizes will be available – a 1.5” with a 272×340 resolution and a 1.7” version with a 312×390 resolution. The iWatch will run on an iOS specifically created for wearable devices and will be controlled by a touch screen and mechanical wheel, which is normally used to set up the time. The “Smart Watch” will also have built in Siri, so it can understand voice commands. The screen will be covered with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal making it durable and tough to break.

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How much will it cost you?

Many models of the iWatch have surfaced and have been talked about in the press. These different models have been grouped into three collections. First, there is the basic sport model which will start at $349. Prices for the other two models have not yet been introduced. However, states that the steel model of the iWatch will cost around $500 and the gold model will be between $4,000 and $5,000. There is also a rumor that you will be able to pre-order the Diamond iWatch – a version made of 18K Rose Gold and featuring 15.14 carats of diamonds – for $30,150.

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What else should we know?

There are still many unknowns when it comes to Apple iWatch. Is it water proof? Does it have any buttons? How long will the battery last? Or, considering Apple’s history of delayed launch dates, when will it actually launch? So far, Apple has done a good job inventing new products. They have also been effective in keeping details about their not-yet-released products from public earshot. In the case of the iWatch, we can barely control our anticipation for when it is actually available to the public.

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