How Coder Camps Can Help Get You a Tech Job

How Coder Camps Can Help Get You a Tech Job


How Coder Camps Can Help Get You a Tech Job

From web developing to software engineering, the need for individuals with tech skills is growing, as is the number of job opportunities in related fields. To meet that demand, coder camps are on the rise.

As featured in a CityLab article, coder boot camps are great opportunities for people looking to enter the world of computers, coding and development. Faced with a high demand for high-skilled tech knowers, the STEM and IT industries are looking for web developers that can quickly meet the growing demands of the workplace. Currently, there are as many as 50 organizations providing coding camps around the world, and many of them promise to give all the tools needed to start at an entry-level position as a web developer. These camps typically appeal to students, individuals switching careers, or those having difficulty finding a job with their current skill set.

Coding camps can help immigrants get technology jobs in their area. Not only do they help connect them to a network of clients and job opportunities, but coding camps also will help them build portfolios for work. These camps are quicker and cheaper than going back for a two-year or four-year degree in Computer Science, Technology or Information Systems. After finishing the 8-, 9-, or 10-week program, most are said to be qualified for a job in development. Overall, the camps are also a good opportunity to test one’s current abilities in development, and producing projects they can share with future employers.

However, there are risks. As with any for-profit program, there is little funding assistance for students, who have to pay out-of-pocket for this additional education. There’s also a lack of regulations on what these camps teach, meaning that it can be risky. The key is finding the right program that has the best promise or reputation, one that is worth the risk.  For those that can make the financial and time commitment to a coding camp, the pay-off can be worth the risks.

For a directory of coding camps across The United States search here, and for Canada, search here.

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