QuickCall.com Launches New App for iPhone

QuickCall.com Launches New App for iPhone


QuickCall.com Launches New App for iPhone

Last week, QuickCall.com announced the launch of their new iPhone App. Designed to make international calling fast and simple, the app offers a variety of new features – including FREE in-network calling!
The new App makes it easier to dial by eliminating access numbers, and allows our customers build their own free calling networks by sharing. For the launch, QuickCall.com is even offering new users a $2 free credit with their download.

Fans of calling apps will appreciate its long list of features and intuitive design. The App integrates fully with the iPhone’s contact list. Your numbers are stored in your phone and can be dialed directly with a single touch. Other QuickCall.com customers are clearly identified with the QuickCall.com “Q” logo and can be called for free when using 3G/4G/LTE Internet or a local Wi-Fi connection.

Sharing the app is also easy and comes with free calling credit for both you and your friends. Users simply tap the share icon to send their contacts a link to download the App. It makes it easy to build your own free calling network and still have access to QuickCall.com’s great low rates when you have to make an out-of-network call.

The QuickCall.com Mobile App is available in the Apple App Store on your mobile device. It requires iOS7.0 or later, is compatible with either an iPhone or iPad, and is optimized for the iPhone 5, 6 & 6+.

For more information on the App, go here or download it in the App Store for your iPhone.

Andrew Magnuson

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