QuickCall.com – Using Technology to Keep You Connected

QuickCall.com – Using Technology to Keep You Connected


QuickCall.com – Using Technology to Keep You Connected

There are lots of ways to stay in touch with friends and family these days. But few can match the immediacy of a phone call. This instant type of connection can transcend distance across miles or oceans, connecting you with the people and places you love.

QuickCall.com is a fast, affordable way to make international phone calls using the internet. Using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, it allows users to make clear calls from any phone. VoIP technology has been around for a while, but has typically required additional hardware, special phones or other extra equipment. Unfortunately, that equipment can become obsolete, fail, or be vulnerable to power interruptions. Even worse, you had to be at home to this type of VoIP service.

QuickCall.com addresses the problems of VoIP by providing the VoIP link in the chain from any phone, anywhere. Users simply call a local access number from whichever phone they choose. Their calls are then transmitted to their desired destination via the Internet, where they are transferred to local carriers. Using the Internet for overseas calls offers several advantages to a traditional landline. The main advantage is the price, as it is far cheaper than transmitting via ground-based copper wire.

Of course, calling internationally presents some unique problems as well – particularly when calling the developing world. The infrastructure of any given destination may not allow for direct VoIP connections because there is limited Internet connectivity available. QuickCall.com has worked around this issue by partnering with local carriers to provide the best possible connections given the installed technology present. As a result, QuickCall.com uses the internet, satellite transmission and good old-fashioned copper wire to connect users with their homelands.

Available to users from any phone, QuickCall.com has also addressed the dialing difficulties that can make international calling a difficult and tedious process. By registering their primary phone, QuickCall.com users can avoid lengthy PIN numbers. There is also the option of setting up a 2-digit code to dial frequently called numbers directly from their online accounts. Finally, the new QuickCall.com App for the iPhone and other iOS devices streamlines the calling process. It allows users to dial stored numbers directly from their contact list with a single click. Better still, it allows someone to call and text other QuickCall.com customers at zero cost when connected to any Wi-Fi network.

QuickCall.com uses best-in-class technology to keep you connected, wherever you find yourself. Making that tech simple to use and easy-to-understand is what makes it such a powerful tool for consumers worldwide.

Andrew Magnuson

I’m a frustrated artist, sometime writer and full time marketer who plays way too many instruments. In my current position, as Creative Director for QuickCall.com, I am responsible for all customer facing communications – which is a nice way of saying, I write emails, letters and beat our graphic designers into submission. I also cook and travel whenever possible and look forward to the next edition of Sync'd like many look forward to the next Star Wars movie.

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