Top 3 Tech Jobs in 2015

Top 3 Tech Jobs in 2015


Top 3 Tech Jobs in 2015

Earlier this year, the U.S. News and World Report provided a list of the hottest jobs in the tech industry. As tech and related fields grow at a high rate, many types of jobs have opened up on the market, seeking skilled professionals that can tackle computer challenges. These top 3 technology jobs can help guide immigrants looking to enter the tech industry.

At the top of the list is a software developer, who is in charge of designing and testing applications and software that you find on your computers and mobile devices. From knowing how to build the program’s infrastructure, fixing back-end problems, and testing out the features, these tech wizards create everything from unique tools and fun games. And their work pays off: with a median salary of over $92,000 and a low unemployment rate of 2.7 percent, anyone with the developer skills can succeed in the tech industry.

The second top tech job is a computer systems analyst position, which combines the skills of information technology and business. The analyst looks at the networks, software and hardware their company uses, and redesigns them to perform efficiently and quickly in a secure and stable environment. They can find jobs in many sectors, including banking and health care. With a median salary of $81,000 and a 3.5 percent unemployment rate, this position also ensures stability and a nice salary.

At third place is the information security analyst. These workers stop hackers from breaching a system and taking or destroying sensitive data, such as bank information, government records, or healthcare files. They assess the risk within networks and systems, and also create defensive measures to protect and secure data. Their median salary is around $88,500, with as many as 27,000 job openings expected this year.

By setting their sights on building a skill set needed to perform these types of jobs, immigrants care fare better on the job market. Check out the rest of the list for more tech jobs that are booming in the market today.

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