Want a Tech Job? Follow the Flat White Index

Want a Tech Job? Follow the Flat White Index


Want a Tech Job? Follow the Flat White Index

Silicon Valley might be known as the hub for all things tech, but should it be a home for immigrants searching for technology jobs? Maybe not. According to the Wall Street Journal, Savills, a research firm, ranked three different U.S. cities as a great starting point for those who were looking to enter the tech industry.

Using five key metrics, Savills ranked 12 cities around the world according to “business environment, tech environment, quality of life…talent pool and property costs.” So, where does the name, Flat White Index come from? From Flat White Coffee of course… the drink of choice of many of the highly educated immigrants that are flocking to the US to fill tech jobs.

According to research analyst Paul Tostevin, Flat White Coffee represents the intersection of tech work and cafe culture. The cafe is a popular meeting place for those in the technology field, due to its free Wi-Fi, informality, and of course, coffee. By looking at the cost of a Flat White and cafe ratings alongside population growth, cost of living and the strength of the tech industry, Savills came up with his rankings.

In the United States, the Flat White Index placed Austin, Texas, at the top, with San Francisco and New York City directly behind it. Austin’s growing popularity among millennials, especially students, have helped it build a growing talent pool for the tech industry in the city.

International cities that made the list included Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, and London, among others. For immigrants with a background in technology, these cities are especially ripe for jobs. In comparison with the other cities mentioned, Austin has a relatively affordable housing base in addition to growing job opportunities as more and more startups forming daily. It is also growing in diversity, especially with immigrants from overseas to the U.S. Austin could make an ideal home base for technology job seekers as a city with both rising wages and a rising tech culture.

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