Want a Technology Job? The Market's Looking for You

Want a Technology Job? The Market is Looking for You


Want a Technology Job? The Market is Looking for You

Many unemployed individuals in the United States have a hard time finding their dream job, given the overall job market. But for recent immigrants looking for technology jobs, the market is great right now. A recent report by The Conference Board, as reported on by Forbes, shows that tech jobs are on the rise and pay very well.

Since the beginning of the year, jobs within the tech industries–from computer and mathematical science to architecture and engineering–have seen growth. Over the past year, the industry has grown 12 percent, indicating the growing demand for qualified tech individuals. Amazingly, right now, there are five jobs for every qualified candidate unemployed within the tech job market. In the United States overall, the computer and tech industry has the best supply and demand rate of all occupations, with a 0.18 measurement. (Where 1.0 is one person for each job, rates under 1.0 signify more jobs per person unemployed, while rates over 1.0 demonstrate that there are more unemployed individuals versus advertised jobs).

Currently, there are as many as 600,000 listings for computer-related jobs. According to the board’s findings, most of the jobs are concentrated in the South with Texas leading the southern region.

Specific cities with the most opportunities for job seekers (due to the number of unemployed versus the number of job postings) include Boston in the Northeast, D.C. and Dallas in the South, Denver in the West, and Minneapolis in the Midwest. All of these cities have a supply and demand rate in favor of job seekers.

Even if the number of ad postings in your region might discourage you, they don’t tell the whole story. Many postings are actually for more than one job, meaning that the company might be hiring five people for each job post within a pool of applicants, not just one person.

So, if you see a tech job, go for it! If you possess a strong tech skill set, the opportunities are in your favor. To stay up-to-date on jobs trends in tech, subscribe to our Sync’d blog.





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